Author: Jennifer Shaw

Creative Writer with Unlimited Imagination

When students feel they are not able to cope with their tasks in creative writing, it is always a good idea to ask Jennifer for some assistance. Her great passion is to assist people and create the most outstanding pieces of work, regardless of topics and deadlines. So, who is this woman?

Since her childhood, Jennifer has been keen on reading books and writing her own articles and short stories. Her early talent was noticed by both parents and teachers at school. So, they decided to create the best conditions for her self-development as a writer. In her adolescent, Jennifer attended various writing clubs, conferences, what contributed greatly on her becoming a professional writer. She has graduated from Chicago State University, where she was an editor and columnist writer for one of the local university`s newspapers. That was the place where she got her strong educational background. The author has also gone through many writing schools and courses with great certificates and results.

Now, Jennifer Shaw is one of the writers, working at our academic company. She passed the interview with professional examination successfully, so there were no difficulties for her to get this desirable position. While cooperation with customers, she always tries to find the best way and solution to satisfy their requirements. Individual approach to each customer`s order- that is the key for her success.

For Jennifer, creativity is something that can never end up. So, her mind is always full with fresh and awesome ideas, what helps her to score the highest appreciation from students. Besides it, this author is responsible and hard-working. During 1,5 years of successful experience there were no missed deadlines or some other misunderstandings. Experiencing each day, Jennifer only improves her brilliant skills and knowledge to support as many students as possible.

She is a true professional in academic writing, as she is able to hear everyone with specific requirements and turn in everything into one fascinating work.

Creative writing isn’t just the only one Jennifer’s hobby (and job). She also likes horse-riding, fishing and travelling. She says that travelling helps her to reveal all her talents and strong aspects. It also helps to get a great amount of inspiration. To crown it all, Jennifer Shaw also has a blog of her, where she posts about her trips.

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