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  • Title Page
  • Bibliography

Loyalty Program

Use our Loyalty Program to pay for your orders. So the question you may want to ask is: How to?
That’s easy. You pay for your order and get a bonus from the sum you paid. See how it works:

  • 1 Place an order with pages and pay for it.
  • 2 Approve the order and get 10% as a credit from the amount paid with your credit card.
  • 3 Place your next order and pay for it with your bonuses.

Remember that the more orders with pages you place the more bonuses you get. So, one of your papers will be totally for free. See more information in “Discounts” section in your profile.

Our Extras

  • Plagiarism report

    You can request a detailed plagiarism report from us to have official proof that your paper is original – for yourself or your professor. The report will be generated right after you approve the order.

    The cost of this feature depends on the number of pages you order. Double-spaced papers: 1-10 pages, plus $1 for each additional double-spaced page; single spacing: 1-5 pages – $9.99, plus $2 for each additional single-spaced page.

  • Preferred Writer

    The default option “Regular writer” is free and will get a professional writer to work on your order. An “Advanced writer” can ensure better results for a small fee. Choose “TOP writer” if you need premium quality.

    The free “My previous writer” feature allows you to request your previous author for another assignment. Please note that if your previous writer is one of our TOP Writers or Advanced writers, the basic price of your order will increase in the same way as with these options.

  • Editor's check

    This means that one of our professionals will read your work from head to tail and make changes if necessary. Or you can upload your own paper to be proofread. The editor will pay attention to any existing grammar, punctuation, or stylistic errors, and formatting as well. Just add an Editor’s check extra to your order in the control panel or ask our Customer Support Representative to do it for you. The price for your order will be recalculated automatically after the extra is chosen.

  • Sources Used

    This extra will give you access to the materials which were used by the writer while writing a paper for you. You can add it to your order on the order page. After your order is ready, the files will be uploaded for you in .pdf/.doc/.docx format or as images of online/offline sources. The extra is available for $4.99 per source.

  • Table of Contents/Outline

    Get a table of contents for your document with this extra. Available in your account on the order page for $9.99.

  • VIP Customer Service

    All your messages and questions will be processed and answered promptly. You will also receive SMS notifications when your order status changes.

    This feature will cost you $14.99.

  • Abstract page

    Choose this extra if you need an abstract for your document. The feature is available for $14.99.


We provide the following discounts:

Mind that if your order is less than $30, you will not be able to use a special offer discount code. Discounts may not be combined and they are not refundable.


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