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Price per 1 page: $9.97
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Please pay your attention that the VAT is not added to our price list.

However, it will be automatically added to the total cost once you pay for your order from EU. Also, in case you are paying in a currency different from the US dollars, an additional fee will be applied to your account for the conversion.

The final price will be based on your type of paper, deadline, academic level, page count, and of course, the extras you prefer.

The price per page in the table is given in various currencies. Nevertheless, the default price at 1ws.com is fixed in the US dollars and the rest of the currencies are specified as an approximate price for the information purpose. The precise cost may change according to the exchange rates of the European Central Bank. If you ask for a refund, please note that VAT is not subject to it.

Our helpful extras

  • Writer Categories
    You can choose a Basic, Advanced, TOP writer or specify a Writer ID from a recommendation or previous order. The preferred writer option costs extra on 24-hour deadline orders only.
  • Vip Customer Service
    This raises the priority of your order, gives you a separate VIP support team and SMS notifications about order updates.
  • Plagiarism report
    Get official proof of the originality of your paper. For under 10 double spaced pages, the cost is $9.99. Add $1 for each page over that.
  • Table of Contents/Outline
    Receive a table of contents with your paper to specify the structure of the work.
  • Editor's check
    This sends your paper to an additional editor who proofreads your work after the writer to make sure it is simply perfect.
  • Abstract page
    A requirement in APA format and a nice addition for other formats, the Abstract page gives a short summary of the paper at the beginning of the file.
  • Sources Used
    If you want to take a closer look at the sources your writer used, add this extra to get digital copies to read through together with the actual paper.


We provide the following discounts:

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if order exceeds $1000
5% OFF
if order exceeds $500

Mind that if your order is less than $30, you will not be able to use a special offer discount code. Discounts may not be combined and they are not refundable.