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1WS.com provides a wide variety of writing services. Our professional writers and editors ensure the accuracy of your text. Our services are designed for students, businesses, individual clients, and Internet marketing agencies.

Our experts will provide you with text which has clear ideas written in the appropriate style that is consistent with the entire document. Our editing/proofreading service corrects errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. We may also change the sentence structure and rewrite sentences to ensure the clarity of meaning.

Academic writing

Homework assignments

No matter what kind of college assignment you need to do, you can rely on our writers' academic assistance. Order all types of works in any field and of any complexity.


Get any type of essay done from scratch. Our writer will follow all of your specifications and format the paper for you for free. Ordering essays with 1ws.com is the easiest way to receive them by the due date.


The most complicated paper can be done without rush and nervous breakdowns. Moreover, the earlier you order a dissertation with us, the cheaper it will cost you. You will have enough time to revise it and make changes if necessary.


Performing a well-researched coursework that is formatted properly with bibliography and citations is real. Provide our writers with your topic, requirements and materials, if any. Then relax and wait for an original work done by the deadline.

Research papers

We will properly interpret all the information on a specific topic for your research paper in a writing form by bringing together the facts and views from the articles, books and other sources.

Term papers

When the end of the term is near, your term paper writing is getting closer. No need to worry about the deadline and spend hours in the library, our writers will do that work for you properly.

Personal statements

Need a powerful personal statement that is a part of the UCAS application? Let our writers help you describe your ambitions, skills and experience in the way that will work for you.

Business writing

Business plans

Need a professional business plan? Our writers have the strong background in business and analytical skills necessary to prepare a high-quality business plan that addresses every aspect of your enterprise.

Business proposals

Effective business proposals are essential for reaching your sales targets. Our business proposal writing service will help you build professional relationships with customers.

Presentation Material

We can take care of your presentation writing and help you capture and hold the audience's attention with interesting and informative material.

Business letter

You can order high quality letters to communicate with your customers, partners and other organizations.

Sales letters

Need an effective sales letter? Our professional writers are able to create an original letter which outlines your products' features and benefits effectively, while including an effective call to action.

Follow up letters

Order professional responses to your clients' inquiries. Our writers will take care of this sensitive process quickly and efficiently.

Resignation letters

You can order a positive, focused and thoughtful resignation letter. Our writers will help you correctly address the employer in a professional manner.

Press releases

We can provide you with an interesting and professional announcement of your event.

Thank you letters

Our writers have mastered the art of writing a professional and sincere thank you letter.


Brochures are created to sell products and services. We will prepare a strong marketing tool which creates a positive visual impression about your company

Individual writing

Article reviews

Feel free to order a professional article review. Our writers will evaluate all the main aspects touched by the author.

Creative writing

Our experts can complete creative writing on absolutely any topic. You can have confidence in our high-quality writing and enjoy perfect results.


You can order a high-quality report in any field. Our writers will take care of the style, provide correct information and make sure that it corresponds to all your expectations.


You can order a high-quality synopsis that mentions all the main points of the analyzed work.

Resume / CV

Order a resume/CV that really works! Our writers will help you present yourself to a prospective employer as a high-quality candidate.


We offer expert speech writing services provided by professional writers. Our speech writers will craft a speech which will get your ideas across to your audience according to your specific requirements.

Book reviews

We can complete a book review that will definitely catch your readers' interest, contain thoughtful analysis and meet your stated requirements.


You may order a professional article writing and rest assured that your readers will enjoy an interesting and well-researched content.

Movie Reviews

We provide professional movie review services. Clients enjoy our personal approach toward the assigned topics.

Web writing

Content articles

Proficient team of writers can prepare an interesting and, at the same time, informative content articles for you, with a clear description of what you offer at your website. It's so easy to create new content and increase your sales with our help!

SEO articles

Content overstuffed with keywords confuses readers and sends them running away. Our writers produce search engine-friendly articles where keywords help you rank well in online searches and provide relevant content for your site visitors.

Blog writing

We can take care of writing blog posts for you.


Try out our copywriting services - best advertisers on the web are ready to take your order!


Our writers will paraphrase documents, web pages and any other text you require. You will receive 100% non-plagiarized work which search engines will love!

Editing / Proofreading

Our editing service includes:

Editing non-native English texts
Correcting errors in spelling,
grammar and punctuation.
Revising the document to the highest
standards of our professional editors.