Writing a Personal Statement is an Important Issue for Everyone

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What exactly personal statement is and why is it so important to have it professionally done? The personal statement is a major thing you have to include in your CV. It is a short personal summary that you have to give to the employers. It will help you stand out from your competitors. A professional personal statement gives you a chance to recommend yourself for a great job. All you have to do is to present your life and career paths in a good light in the small and easy-to-read paragraphs. When your writing is done with the help of 1ws.com., you’ll be able to prove your professionalism and put forward your candidacy.

Why Is 1ws.com a Great Personal Statement Writing Service?

1ws.com is a crucial writing service not only for students but for all the employees. Sometimes you want to impress your future boss, for example, but you are afraid to put any unnecessary or wrong information in your statement. This is totally understandable. Our company knows how to strike anyone with your statement without changing personal information or distorting facts. Inspiration is the only thing our skilled writers need. Don’t hesitate to rely on us, because:

– We have over 1500 orders in the process;

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Let’s Figure out What a Personal Statement Is

– Your picture.

Your personal statement should contain a picture of you as the best candidate for some position, for example, a student who is worth to win a scholarship.

– An interesting personal story.

Everyone has a story to tell. It is common that people can’t praise themselves for making a great personal statement. If you are like most people, your life is not full of dramatizing events. That is why you don’t have to risk, creating a boring statement. Instead, you can ask us for help, when you have a writing crisis.

– Your pros and cons presented in a good light.

A personal statement should be an indication of your priorities and, sometimes, judgment. Be aware that the priorities you put in your statement should tell the employee why exactly you are the best. Know what you say, and how to say it.

– A personal statement is your invitation card.

You invite a person to get to know you better. What is in the text will determine whether they take an invitation or not. Break the ice by making a reader welcome.

Common Issues We Observe while Creating Your Personal Statement

By choosing our service, you can have no doubts that our talented team will make it good and professional. We have a plan and structure when creating a context, that is:

– How to begin a personal statement.

Starting with the ‘who are you?’ question will always serve as a quick introduction as the first point. We try to make the first sentence catchy and creative.

– The size of the writing.

It is important for the personal statement to be no longer than150 words. We don’t want it to look like a cover letter. We keep it concise, pertinent and to the point.

Main questions are mentioned.

By writing a personal statement, our skilled workers always mention such crucial questions as:

1) Who are you?

2) What can you offer?

3) What are your career goals?

Make Your Personal Statement Rock!

Here are some tips for writing a personal statement that will definitely stand out:

– Make sure that your statement answers below mentioned questions and that you have bullet-pointing answers to all of them:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer?
  • What are your career goals?

– Take your time.

Do not rush it. Sometimes it’s worth taking a little break for a few hours to refresh your thoughts. While relaxing from writing, try to think of some substitutes for such simple words as «do» and «think» – Use perfect words and expressions as they are crucial for catching the eye of an employee.

– The impressive beginning is the best friend of great writing.

Don’t be one of those boring candidates who tend to start writing a personal statement with their birth date or boring biography. Start with a joke.

Are There Things that You Shouldn’t Put in Your Personal Statement?

Of course, there is plenty of unnecessary information that might confuse a reader and destroy your chance to become a great workplace or scholarship. When you choose 1ws.com – the most reliable writing service, you can be sure that we don’t put harmful and wrong information in your writing. To avoid these crucial mistakes, we are completely aware of them. The first thing that our writers don’t do is copying someone else’s personal statement. Every piece of writing should be unique and interesting. Sometimes overestimation can make you meet a dead end on the interview. In this situation, you can’t copy and paste somebody’s achievements. Don’t let grammatical or any other mistakes spoil your statement. When writing, don’t rely on any spellchecker services. It doesn’t always show all the errors. Try to read it as many times as you can. And lastly, Don’t procrastinate and wait until the deadline – rush is your enemy.

To sum up, don’t be scared by all the boring rules you have to follow while writing a personal statement. Do what you would like to do, instead of mind-blowing writings. Let 1ws.com, the leading writing service help you. Don’t climb the career ladder, with 1ws.com you can take an elevator.