You can Create a Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Knowing the Following

As far as lots of students take AP English as their elective language, they will have to pass the exams, which include three types of an essay to write. One of these essays can possibly be a literary analysis essay. If you haven’t worked with such an assignment before, don`t worry, we are going to tell you the most important things you should consider while creating such an essay. Afterwards, check a literary analysis essay example on your own.

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

This kind of an essay is very close to the film Inception, which is about a dream within a dream. And in this type of an essay, we are to write about the writing. Yes, this might seem not clear to you, but you just need to read more on this essay and you will get what you need to do. You should analyze the phrases and words, which were used by the author and how they influence the readers. In most cases, you get the texts of speeches of famous and influential people. During the exam, you will get a text and your task will be to analyze it and explain with the help of what it influences people.

Preparation step

Taking into account that this task is a multiple one, you should get prepared for it. You should devote much time to reading, analyzing and writing during the exam. So, it`s better to read the introduction of a given text and note some important details which may be needed during the analysis. Consider the following questions:

  • Who is the author?
  • What is the age of the audience?
  • What is the aim of this speech?
  • What are the settings of delivering this speech?

If you have these questions in your mind, then your process of analyzing will be easier. This information can help you find out the main ideas of this speech, get the methods of persuasion and also how it affects the ethos, pathos and logos.

There are three categories of persuasion ingredients: ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is connected with ethics and it`s about giving reasons why the speaker is a reliable source of information. The pathos is about emotions, and it uses techniques to persuade people with a certain emotional response. The logos is connected with logical thinking, the persuasion is done through reasoning the audience.

During the exam there will be a prompt for you with the explanation and example of one of three methods. So, this will help you to figure out which one is used in the given speech. Of course, before taking an exam, you should practice yourself in such kind of writing.

A rhetorical analysis essay outline

Once you have read, analyzed a speech and made necessary notes, you should take a pen and create an assignment you are going to get the grade for. You are to satisfy the professor`s requirements, so the 5-6 paragraph essay is a good choice. The number of body paragraphs depends on the number of strategies you have found. Still, the outline of an essay remains stable: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.


The introduction of your essay should be brief and clear. You are to present here a thesis statement, present the methods used by the author. This will give readers the information what they are going to read further. Moreover, give the main idea of a speech. In such a way you will show that you have understood the text.

The main body

This part of an essay contains the most data and it should be informative and give answers to lots of questions. Here you are to explain the strategies the author uses to develop his ideas. Separate paragraph should be devoted to each new strategy. If you have found a quote, which corresponds to literary dice, then make a separate paragraph explaining it. Give an explanation of a used strategy and show its usage in the quote. In general, you should answer one of the following questions:

  • How the strategy works?
  • How does it work in this certain example?
  • Why the author has chosen this strategy for this audience?
  • How the strategy makes people react and respond?

Moreover, you should pay attention to the diction and sentence length. This do not influence your understanding of rhetorical analysis, but shows you as good essay writer. Make proper citations.


After you have developed your arguments, you should make a strong conclusion. You should show the results of the speech influence. Then you are to make small conclusions on each method you have described, and show how they work as a whole. Make a concluding sentence, showing and proving the importance of a speech and methods used.

Useful writing tips

When you are finished with writing and have some time left, you have two options: to sit and relax or to check your essay. The second one sound much better, so look at the following list to check your assignment:

  • Grammar. You should check grammar in your essay, check the sentence structure and the usage of words. Do not use abbreviations as this is a formal writing.
  • Vocabulary. Your vocabulary should be full of various words to show your level of self-development. But be careful while using some difficult words, think well on their meaning.
  • Coherency. Your assignment should be smooth, the paragraphs should be logically connected. Don`t forget about appropriate punctuation. Don`t jump from one idea to another, be clear.
  • Use present tense. You are to keep your writing in present tense. This will make readers feel the writing at the moment and let you escape unneeded mistakes and confusions.
  • Respond to the text. Do not retell the plot, give the idea, analyze it and support with a quote. You are to show the understanding of a text.
  • Give an appropriate title. You should give a suitable name to your essay, as this is the first thing the readers will see and depending on the title they will decide whether to read your assignment or not.

These are the main points you should remember about a rhetorical analysis essay writing, to practice more look for some rhetorical analysis essay example on the Internet.

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