Check out New Sat Essay Tips to Get Well-Prepared for the Tests

You can get success with SAT essay

The SAT essay is considered to check your reading, analyzing and writing skills. It`s like a college assignment. You will be asked to read a text, analyze it and support with arguments taken from a given passage.

A new sat essay is about the following:

  • Not all schools require it, it`s optional.
  • You get 50 minutes to create an essay, it`s 25 minutes more if compared with the older one.
  • Your task won`t be to agree or not agree on a topic, you won`t need to describe your personal experience.

Sat essay prompts

The below mentioned question, or a close one, is always given during the SAT.

Read the passage below and think how the author supports his/her claims with evidence.

  • Evidence, like facts or examples, which truly support the claims.
  • The way ideas, claims and examples are developed and connected.
  • Various elements to make the ideas more powerful and persuasive.

Write an essay explaining how the author builds arguments, how he/she persuades his audience, which methods are used. Your analysis should be based on the relevant and logical features. There is no need to show your own attitude to the passage, whether you agree with the author`s opinion or not.

The topic of an essay

You can see the same prompt at any time when you take SAT, but the passage will differ all the time. Still, all the offered passages have the following things in common:

  • Created for all kinds of audience.
  • Argue on certain point.
  • Express thoughts considering the complex subjects.
  • Have reasoning and evidence that support the claims.
  • Test the ideas, discussions in the arts, politics, culture.
  • They are from published works.

The information needed for your writing is included in the passage or in the notes.

Measures of the SAT

The SAT essay is aimed to show how well you can understand the passage, its main point and use it as a basis for a thought-out discussion. People, who give you a sat essay score will award you from 1 to 4 points in each of three categories:

  • Reading. A well-written essay shows your understanding of the main ideas of a passage and its details. Moreover, it shows how you can use the evidence given in the context.
  • Analysis. A good essay shows how well you understand how the author builds arguments by:
  • Exploring the author`s stylistic persuasive devices and techniques;
  • Supporting the claims with appropriate evidence and examples.
  • Writing. A well-written essay is organized in an appropriate way, follows the requirements and standards of written English.

Who should write SAT essay

It is not obligatory to write SAT essay. If you are going to write such an essay, then you can apply to schools, which require SAT essays. You should check which schools exactly require SAT essays.

Scores sending

You get scores for your SAT essay along with other scores of exams you have on the same day. When you send scores to the college you cannot send only certain scores from a test day.

Note: Check the Score Choice Policies, some of the colleges may require scores from all the times you have passed tests. This may be scaring, but almost all colleges choose the best result of yours.

Check some sat essay examples to get more information.

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