The Best 5 Tips to Write a High-quality Student Essay

The best 5 tips to write a high-quality student essay

The problem of a blank paper is one of the most common issues. Many students face it while writing high-quality essays. Moreover, students are afraid of the fact that their work will not be suitable for the given topic. Such a fear simply means they want to perform a high-quality essay that would represent the topic in the best way possible.

This fear is common for both college and school students. That is why we have prepared several tips that would repel the fear and give you an opportunity to create a high-quality essay that would express your view on the topic.

Critically analyze the given question

You have to start analyzing your topic from the very beginning of your writing. For example, many students do believe that an essay is only the expression of their opinions, which just has to be well-structured. However, the topic you have is way too important. So you should study it from all sides.

First of all, you have to provide the reader with the importance of your topic. It means you should give different values, examples, and the focus of your work. Moreover, while discussing a controversial topic, you have to give the information that includes all the advantages and disadvantages of the issue you are writing about. This way, you will show good research work and allow inspection of all the examinations you have done.

Outline your work

Creating a structure is way too important. You have to plan all your text in advance to create the right order of perception of your work.

Start with the introduction, claiming the importance of your topic, and slightly move further towards the facts. Create the right order of giving advantages and disadvantages. After that, conclude your work, claiming all the details you have researched while writing an essay.

To make a better impression, you are free to create a short plan of your work, which would give examiners an opportunity to jump forward to the paragraph they want to. This way, you will make the examination easier, and your final grade will be much higher.

Moreover, the creation of a plan is also crucial because you have to create a great introduction and conclusion. This way, while you have to provide the goal of your essay at the beginning, the conclusion has to contain the final result, which would include all the necessary information from your essay. This approach is sort of similar to writing a complex research paper.

Give reasonable pieces of evidence

Despite the popular opinion, the essay is not only the expression of one’s thoughts. Of course, minor school essays would not require a high level of research work.

However, if you want to perform a high-quality paper that would perfectly express your view on the current topic, you have to provide reasonable pieces of evidence. This way, you have to examine different reliable sources, which would highlight the overall idea of your essay.

For example, giving an argument against some fact, you can tell that some scientists paid attention to that issue and provide their argument. This way, the examiner would see the high level of research. Such broad research would give you a higher chance of getting a good mark.

However, be careful with using sources. You should provide the reference and quote, which prove your position, and properly claim the author or source. Otherwise, such usage of quotes can be called plagiarism.

Create the right balance between quotes and your thoughts

Many students have an issue with using quotes. Some of them are afraid that they will use too many citations in their texts, while the others lack their opinions and information. So your task is to find a balance.

The best balance is 60/40. While you have to give most of your creativity, which contains your ideas and views, the citation has to have a lower percentage of your space. In addition, you have to be aware that your citations have to be outlined well. This way, they will not mix with your opinion.

Hook your reader for the further examination

Creating a strong introduction is way too important. You have to provide your examiner with different strong facts, which would encourage them for further reading.

For example, you can use different triggers, which cause different emotions. Discussing an ecological topic, you can use triggers that would cause anger and interest. To achieve something like this, you can give short statistics about how many turtles have been harmed due to the usage of plastic. Or, while discussing historical topics, you can use different funny and surprising facts that are unknown to many people. Even if your examiners are aware of these facts, they would be gladdened by how you have mentioned them.

Moreover, provide the importance of your topic, using yet unknown facts. Avoid clichés and try creating your own position. Overcoming these barriers, you will be able to give an innovative view on the discussed topic.


Writing an essay is not hard at all. Of course, you can just use your opinion, telling the facts you know. However, this action will not represent your unique approach to the work.

So you should try using and mentioning unknown but checked facts and referring to different research pieces. You should think of the essay as a minor research paper, which does not have many standards but gives an opportunity to provide pieces of unique information combined with your creativity.

Essay is almost a borderless type of writing, which allows you to find your approach to writing material. The only thing you have to be aware of is finding a suitable source of information. Provide a complex opinion on some topics, including both pros and cons. This way, you will show high-class work for your examiner.

Good luck with writing a high-quality essay!

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