Writing a Process Analysis Essay is Easy if You Know the Main Points

How to create a process analysis essay

A process essay is a kind of assignment, which deals with the detailed description of how something works, how something can be done. A writer is expected to present all the steps taken one by one to achieve a certain goal. Moreover, all unknown terms should be defined. So, you should be well-informed to complete this task in an appropriate way. Let`s look through some useful tips on successful process essay writing.

Common topics

Check the following examples of process analysis essay topics:

  • How to find a perfect roommate;
  • How to plan a cool party;
  • How to pitch a tent;
  • How to rent your first apartment;
  • How to prevent a disease.

This list of process essay topics can be much longer, the choice fully depends on your personal interests.

The structure of process analysis essays

  • The introduction is to tell the readers what the essay is going to be about. Use only necessary and important information here, don`t omit needed details. It should be brief and clear, with no additional data concerning the origin or history of the process you are going to describe.
  • The next paragraph should include information about the needed equipment, tools and ingredients. For example, if you write about cooking and some of the ingredients are difficult to find, you should tell your readers the nearest place where they can buy everything necessary. You are also to inform readers of the potential risks and something that may go wrong. So, give some recommendations on how to solve problems, which may arise.
  • The next paragraph should tell about the steps taken in sequential order. Explain everything clearly, give the information in the right order. You should think well about what you write to avoid misunderstanding. If some steps are complicated, subdivide them in an appropriate way. Moreover, use different transitional words, such as after, then, next etc.
  • The conclusion should include the general review of a process described. The writer should emphasize the main steps only.

Outline of a process essay


  • Present the topic of an assignment and clearly tell what you are going to achieve;
  • Show where this process is useful;
  • You can present a real example of the results of the process if there is one.

Main body:

  • You should divide an essay into paragraphs;
  • Each step should be described in a separate paragraph;
  • Think about appropriate transitions to each paragraph;
  • Your writing should be descriptive.


  • You should sum up the procedure you have described in the conclusion. Pay special attention to the main points of a process.
  • Give the description of the results.

Check some process essay examples on the Internet to know better how to create your own essay. Hope, these tips will help you create an assignment of your dream!

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