How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

Easy Ways to Succeed with Your Problem-Solution Paper

Essay writing seems to be a nightmare for a lot of students. However, if to know exactly what to do, there are no problems with the academic writing. All students while their college will face the task of writing problem-solution essay.

If you want to tackle this task successfully and need some guidelines on how to write a problem-solution essay, the following tips will surely help you.

  1. Do a small research
    Successful problem-solution essay reveals the actual problem which is worth debating and discussing, and can be solved in some practical ways. You need to think a lot about the topic of your paper. It shouldn’t be something primitive and too global. National issues won`t be the best options here as well. Think of something of the local character, for example. You can examine the natural environment in the area you are living now. What can be done to address this problem? Which questions can arise from this discussion? What can happen if not to stop pollution?
  2. Develop your proposal
    Keep in mind that the first person that should be interested and convinced in the topic you are working with is you. If you manage to encourage yourself to work hard, you will surely manage to encourage your readers to get an incredible interest in reading and discussing your paper.
    You should realize why the problem you have chosen can actually be called a problem? Why is it important? Why should this problem be solved?
    Then you should make everything clear for yourself: what do you actually know about this problem, and which potential solutions you can offer.
    Define what you should learn to dwell well on the topic and create a research plan for your assignment.
  3. Get some feedback
    You should have no doubts that all people have different points of view about the world`s problems. Tell about your writing plans to your parents, friends and teachers. Ask what they think about it all, ask about their ideas – you will get a good sort of valuable information and feedback.
  4. Don’t jump into conclusions
    It is people`s nature to do everything as quick as it is only possible. We think that we know the answers to all questions but here we shouldn’t do things in rush. In case you want don’t want to miss some important details and do everything in a proper way, take your time. It will surely help you to make better decisions. For example, if a person tells little on the chosen topic and shows limited knowledge about it just to make it faster, the problem-solution essay cannot be called successfully completed. Only when you are well-informed, you are able to dwell on the topic fully and properly. Wait until you have researched well and gathered enough information. Only then you will be able to succeed with our paper.
  5. Research work
    No matter how much time you are working on your essay and how much information you have already found, do more and more research. Read as much as you can to find that information that will be interesting for everybody. The more you find, the better you write.
  6. Add some creativity
    If you really want to impress everybody and add some credibility to your paper, think a little bit creatively. Add some surveys to your essay, or interviews to both ordinary people and some authorities. Ask them questions that can arise some discussions.
  7. Create an outline for your essay
    You need to know everything about your essay before writing it. So, not to miss something important and structure a paper well, you should first create an outline. Try to organize your notes and information to use it further in a proper way.
  8. Start your writing with the problem section
    The most logical place to start is your problem section. Here you should clearly define the nature of the chosen problem, try to tell the causes of it and explain its extent. You should also pay great attention to the effects it causes and why this issue should be addressed. It would also be great to warn the readers about possible results this problem can cause.
  9. Establish some common ground
    To show that this problem is important for all people to be discussed, you shouldn’t forget to include people`s points of views. Try to give them arguments and comment on some of them. Try to explain how other people see this issue and how they want to solve you alongside with your own suggestions.
  10.  Set some alternatives
    Before telling your main solutions, try to provide the readers with some possible alternatives. It will show them that you did a great sort of work to come to the final solution.
  11.  Propose your plan
    Make sure that your audience can clearly understand everything you are going to do to tackle your problem. Describe your plan of actions and let the readers realize that your approach is good.
  12.  Don’t forget about call to action
    You should end your paper with encouraging your audience to accept your point of view. You can ask the audience to take some easy steps towards the problem solution and bring some changes.
  13. Write your thesis
    You should put all your ideas mentioned previously into one sentence and it would be a great ending of your problem-solution essay. Keep in mind that your thesis statement should identify the problem and the solution as well.
  14. Do a careful revision
    Once you have finished working on your paper, it would be great to check it on some common mistakes that can occur while writing. You can even ask your friends and parents to read and tell their opinion. However, if they don’t accept your point of view, don’t change it as well. Stick to your thoughts.
  15.  Try to publish your paper
    It is a good idea to let people know by which problems they can be affected. Show them what you have learnt by publishing your problem-solution essay. Ask your teacher or instructor for help.

Hope these tips on how to write a problem-solution essay will help you to create an outstanding paper.

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