How to Use Quotes to Make Your Essay Better

Using a Quote in Your Paper – Perfect Way to Succeed

You probably have heard enough from your teachers that if you take someone`s words and use them in your essay, you should put quotations marks around those words. It was also said that using quotations while working on writing assignments is a good idea.

Certainly, it is not difficult to find a quote and put quotation marks around it. However, it is not always easy to find appropriate and effective words to use in this or that essay. Here you will learn how to put a quote in your essay like a pro.

If you are looking for some useful tips, here we go.

  1. Don’t quote just because you were told to do this. You have to use at least some quotations in your research paper, however, that should be something that suits the topic effectively. Avoid picking some random quotes just to fulfill this task. Quotes you use in your essay shouldn’t serve just like fillers. They have to be topic-related and meaningful.
    A perfect idea will be to start your essay with any quotation. So, random quotations from celebrities are not the best options here.
  2. You should choose what to quote wisely. Sure, it is much easier to put any random saying but that will not mean you have chosen in carefully. Remember that all your quotes should support the arguments of your essay. So, your task is to find information from sources that corresponds to your subject.
  3. Try to use some signal phrases. This is one of the most common strategies while adding a quotation to the essay. These signal phrases provide readers with the opportunity to get to know that there will be a quotation soon. Such signals serve as the introductory part and show on some context. In other words, signal phrases tell readers to slow down a bit and pay attention to what is written in your essay.
  4. Another strategy you should use to use your quote effectively is to integrate the quotes. It means that quotations you want to use in your paper should be integrated in the middle of the sentence. If using this, there will be no signal phrase. Instead, it will be a part of the sentence.
  5. If you want to avoid plagiarism while using some quotation from sources of information, you should know how to cite everything in a proper way. To cut a long story short, all paraphrases and quotes used in your essay need to be mentioned at in-text citation or Works Cited or Reference Page (MLA format and APA format accordingly). Here you should be very attentive, as all citations have peculiarities of their own that should be necessarily taken into account.

Now, after following all these tips you will not have problems with using right quotes in your essays. Being a professional means to show your high professionalism in every single thing. Pull yourself together, learn all tips and practice. By doing this, you will surely succeed with all your papers.

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