The Title of your Essay Influences the Impression of your Assignment

How to choose a good title?

Have you ever decided not to read some articles just because of a bad title? An appropriate title encourages people to read the whole essay or paper, and this means a title matters much. And you should pay much attention to it while writing essays. Of course, in most cases, you are given a title and you have to compose an assignment. But you will also need to create titles on your own, what to do then? How to make up a title to encourage and impress your readers from the first glance? We have prepared some useful information for you about essay titles.

The aim of a title

An essay title page plays an important role, so you have to pay much attention while creating it. A title should intrigue your professor and readers, it should make them interested in the reading of your essay to get what you have written and how you developed the ideas. You should remember that each part of your essay matters, and if you want to get a good grade, then you should do your best not only while writing the paragraphs of an essay. The success of your assignment depends also on the words you use to title your essay.

The first thing, which people see while reading your essay is the title, so your task is to make people react like “Oh, that should be interesting! I want to read it!”

The appropriate title choice, which makes people interested in the reading of your essay, also allows you to get the audience and show your knowledge and skills. This plays a great role for freelance writers, as the more people read their assignments, the better.

The main features of a good title

You should check some information about the main qualities of a good title before you start thinking on it. This will help you move in the right way. So, here are some features, which will make your headline a successful one:

  • Eye-catching. What will you prefer to read: some article with a boring title or an assignment with an eye-catching heading? The last one and it`s obvious, so make your essay the same.
  • Credible. Your title should be accurate and truthful, don`t forget about this while trying to make it a creative one. Your professor won`t like it.
  • Easy. Your title should be easy to read for people and your professor. Don`t use some complicated and not clear phrases and structures.
  • Active voice. Make sure your headline is written in active voice.
  • Brief. Make the title of an essay brief, long ones are not catchy and don`t show your good skills in writing.
  • Truthfulness. Never make your headline an inaccurate one. Your readers should get clearly what they are going to read about. It can influence badly the quality of your assignment if you mislead readers.

Main components of an essay title

A good title has also its own structure just like various kinds of essays. Components of an appropriate title are the following:

  • A hook – this should be a catchy one, which shows your essay in a creative way;
  • Keywords – this component will let readers understand what you are going to explore;
  • Focus keywords – “where/when” of your essay. They are essential to be used in your title, to make it look more professional.

Tips on essay title creation

As we have told you about the importance of an appropriate title and its components, it`s time to get to know how to create one. Yes, this might be difficult to make up an ideal title at the time, even professional writers can face some blocks, but you can overcome all the difficulties to achieve success. So, let`s check some useful advice on essay title creation!

  1. First essay, then title. You may think that writing a title first and then an essay seems more logical, but you will benefit more if you do it in the reverse order. You may have some example of a headline on your mind, and this will help you focus on the main idea of an essay and use appropriate arguments. Once you have written an essay and re-read it, you have a general and deep idea of what your assignment is about. And it`s high time to create a great title to make your readers interested. Almost all writers do this. Moreover, you will save much time, as it will be easier for you to figure out the title of your essay.
  2. Use your thesis statement. There`s one more reason to leave the title creation till the end. You should give your audience reasons to read your essay, and this reason can be found in your thesis statement, which you have made up in your introduction. So, you can use a part of it in your title.
  3. Use popular phrases or clichés. Using popular phrases or clichés that match the topic of your essay is a good idea, as they will catch the attention. So, you can try to adapt some to the theme of your assignment.
  4. Take into account the tone of your essay. The tone of your title should match the tone of your essay. If the topic you are writing on is serious, then you should be intelligent in your headline, without being witty or silly. Remember that you cannot use jargon or abbreviations in your title.
  5. You can use a quote. If there`s a quotation that matches the topic of your essay, then you can use it in your title. Even song lyrics, or poems can do well here. If you are writing about some book, then a provoking quote from it can serve as a good title. A book title in essay can also be a goof idea to choose.
  6. Summarize your assignment in three words. It`s an easy technique, as you have to sum up your essay using three words and then make up a title with them.

Remember that your headline also matters much for the quality of your assignment. Hope, we have helped you with your concerns about how to title an essay. You will get success!

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