Creative Writing Exercises for a Beginner and for a Pro

A writer in somebody who creates nice and useful content for people, who like to read. Everybody can be a writer in a particular sphere, like philosophy, journalistic, and essay writing. Creating any written content can be entertaining, especially when you realize that your thoughts can influence and inspire other people. It is such a great moment when you lose yourself in your writing and forget about everything. Creative writing exercise is going to be a crucial way to start any kind of writing creation.

The purpose of exercises on creative writing is to develop an idea or story in your imagination, so you can quickly and easily start writing and make your writing skills better. To improve at writing is like working out—if you train enough – you’ll get a result. Train your writing “muscle”. Get better at creative writing. Do not worry, it is not necessary to burn the midnight oil to establish your skills. 10 minutes a day is enough. If you get lost in your story and keep writing for hours, that’s great too. But if you do not have enough practice, a long time writing can exhaust your brain.  Just remember to see the boundary while writing. You can do it in just a few minutes at a time.

In this article, you can check out some writing exercises for beginners or even for professionals. Nobody’s skills are 100% perfect because you always live and learn. Everybody wants to be good at the things they do. That’s why if you have just started your writer’s path – don’t worry, we have plenty tips on how to make great creative writing for beginners. In addition, professional writers can also enjoy our writing exercises for writers who have a long experience.

Quick and effective creative writing exercises

These exercises will help you start writing without spending plenty of time looking at the blank page of your future creation. So instead of starting at a blank page wondering what to write about, try out these fun writing exercises:

  • A is for an alphabet writing exercise. Have you thought about beginning a story by putting a precise letter in the first word of the first sentence? Dare yourself to create a cool story using all the 26 letters. The point is to begin the first word in each of the first 26 sentences from the required letter. This writing exercise will make you use those rare words you don’t use very often. You might even look up words in a dictionary, and spice up your story.
  • Here is another exercise with finding a book called a dictionary. Open the dictionary to a random page. Seek for a word that you can’t define. Then do your best to write an imaginary definition for it. Repeat until one inspires you.
  • Do you like adventures? If so – the next tip is for you! This exercise is called pin the atlas. here you need to find a world map and blindly put your finger on a spot. Then pretend you’re a writer who has just been on a trip and after returning home you put all your emotions on a paper.
  • You can try a writing game «Switch personality». Create a story in the first person. Pretend to be somebody with an absolutely different life, nationality, and age.
  • After these small exercises, it would be good to mention such a crucial part of creative writing training as writing prompts. Writing activity can easily boost your inspiration and save you from writing crisis. It will turn your imagination on and give you some ideas of what to write about. As an example, you can check out these writing prompts:
  1. Food and drinks – Try to write about what food you ate and what drinks you prefer for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even scratch your head for a little bit and call to your mind the most memorable meal you’ve ever had, or some cool facts about the food you know.
  2. Dragons, why not? – Write about a dragon. It can be any dragon you want. Where does it live? What does it want? What is it afraid of?
  3. Animals – Choose an animal that interests or intrigues you and write about it. What would it be like to wake up as a badger, or a tiger, or a zebra-fish?

As you see, these topics don’t necessarily have to be basic. Creativity is what we’re seeking for here.

  • The next inspirational game is called «Write a letter to yourself in the past». We bet you wish it could be a real letter to the past. For this creative writing exercise, you are going to write a letter to your younger self. Pick a time or age you’ll be writing to. Is there something interesting you would like to share with your younger self?
  • Write with inspiring images- find pictures that cause an inspiration. You can use online sites or cut images from any paper source. After you’ve gathered five or six photos, you can write a story about each of them and try to link them together. Is there a way to bound these images in a proper way? The more different the images are – the harder it will be.
  • Write from a different perspective. Here you need to choose a friend or basically anybody you know well and practice writing from their perspective. Imagine yourself waking a mile in someone else’s shoes. You can describe what their life is like or what’s on their mind.

It does not matter whether you’re a professional writer with a life-long experience or just a green beginner. You can always improve and dig deeper. The sky is the limit. You can always learn new ways to express yourself and delight your reader. Use these creative writing exercises as a means of becoming a better writer.

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