How to Complete a Perfect Exemplification Essay Without Problems

hat is the Exemplification Essay

When you are a college student, you have to deal with many kinds of writing assignments. There are a lot of them and they all have some specific peculiarities of their own. When it comes to the exemplification essays, many students might be afraid of only the name. However, it is not as difficult as can seem, and there is no need to worry.

If you are doing well with the argumentative essay, you are already aware of some issues concerning exemplification essay. The last is like a more involved version of argumentative essay. You have to convince readers that your point of view is correct and provide them with strong and true examples. You have to use them effectively. Only then you will succeed with your paper.

Good Exemplification Essay Topics

As it was already mentioned, exemplification essay is somehow similar to argumentative one. So, you will surely look for the same topics. These topics should have two arguable sides. You shouldn’t choose the topic which has only one side and everyone knows about it.

You have to pick up the topic with strong facts to demonstrate your argument in a proper way.

Here are some examples of some exemplification essay topics which may help you:

  • Should drugs be legalized?
  • Should schools be separated for males and females?
  • Whether it is important to have a degree in nowadays society or not?
  • Free healthcare: yes or no?

Each topic mentioned above has the research history with many opposing viewpoints. Remember that it is not necessary to agree with someone else`s thoughts and ideas. You just have to provide strong arguments consider this or that issue.

Here are also some examples of bad exemplification essay topics:

  • Favorite movie genre
    This topic is too personal and it cannot be supported by some facts and background information.
  • Is consuming too much alcohol dangerous for health?
    This topic is one-sided.
  • The process of making banknotes
    This will be a process essay not exemplification one.

Step-by-step Guide to Write a Good Exemplification Essay

If you want to complete a winning paper, you should prepare yourself and know the essential things you have to do.

  1. Brainstorm and create an outline
    You need to put all your ideas on paper first to see whether everything looks good and you haven’t missed something important. It is important to put them all in order. Creating an outline is the best alternative here. You can include there as much information about your essay as needed.
  2. Introduction
    Your introduction should have to parts: hook and thesis statement. The hook is something that literally hooks readers` attention and makes them read your essay further.
    Thesis statement usually explains what your essay will be about. It has to present in short your body paragraphs.
  3. Work on your body paragraphs
    Once you finished with your introduction, move to the body paragraphs. If there are no specification from your teacher, it shouldn’t necessarily be 5 paragraph essay. Here you should share the topic-related information with clear examples.
  4. Conclude it all
    The last thing you should do is to sum up everything you wrote in your essay. This conclusion should consist of all main points concerning your topic. However, you don’t have to simply restate your thesis statement from the introduction.
  5. Check everything
    Make sure that you did everything in a proper way. Check your grammar and spelling. Structure and the essay organization should be correct as well.

If you follow all these tips and put enough efforts, you will surely succeed with your exemplification essay. Good luck!

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