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Tracey Flannery is an experienced education blogger, communication expert, and enthusiastic and competitive writer. Rosemary is currently holding the position of a freelance writer at First Writing Service, at the same time performing duties of Education communications consultant at Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois. She also teaches public relations and political science there.

Before devoting her life to writing and education in general, Tracey Flannery received her Bachelor’s degree in Philology and Ancient Literature from the Northwestern University of Chicago. She studied English language and literature for over two years and moved  abroad  to continue her professional development at the University of Southampton, England. Tracey got her Master’s degree in English language teaching from the Southampton University of England. For the time she lived in England, Tracey worked as a teacher of English philology at the same university, and combined duties of a project manager.

For five years already, Tracey has served as an Education communications consultant and developed campaigns to communicate with students and teachers in public schools, colleges, and universities. She has hosted many conferences on Community Management and is currently working on her book on Leadership and Public Relations. Also, the previous year she mastered the professional marketing skills and started offering marketing services for small businesses.

Rosemary’s part-time interests include providing copywriting and translation services online. This most likely prompted her to try herself in freelance writing and educational marketplace. She is a hardworking and creative education blogger at First Writing Service and covers topics related to English, education and internships, distance learning, sociology, professional development, student engagement, and more.

Areas of Interest:

Language Arts, Public Relations, Professional Development, Project Management, Journalism, Translation, Copywriting

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