How to Start a College Essay Flawlessly

Know More about How to Start a College Essay Correctly

You’ve started a college application essay for a couple of times but it doesn’t seem right? Yeah, that’s probably why you’ve got to this web page for some college essay prompts. Been there, done that. Starting a college essay is the hardest thing among all the admission paper works. The more you think about the person that reads thousands and thousands of college essays and great personal statements, the more miserable the chances to stand out. It’s not a case when you can order essay online on our letter writing service as you have only one chance to prove you worth it and the only tool you possess is the story writing talent. It gets especially tough for non liberal arts students, who do not practice essay writing much.

It’s absolutely incorrect to set off any of the essay structures as the most important ones. Each of them is informative and has its own success-defining role. However, in this particular article dedicated to the introduction part of the essay, we are outlining that the triumph of the paper is possible only due to the decent planning of all the three main structure parts (to refresh them in the head view ) Now, let’s get to some college essay tips.

How to begin the beginning?

Oh, I bet you smell pleonasm and tautology, too. Though, the answer to the question won’t shock you less: from the end. It means that it’s usually easier to come up with a great introduction part, when you see the main body thesis and bullet points.

Thus, the first step is to identify the main idea you want to address in the essay. Write down the bullet points worth mentioning about yourself and put the paper in front of you. It’ll be much easier to recollect a life story connected with the main idea, which will serve as the basis for the intro.

Grab the Readers Attention

The introduction part is the very first thing that the admission officer reads to get acquainted with you. It’s an equivalent to the first impression you make when entering a new place full of strangers. Your first appearance should be memorable and catching in order to make a good impression. The key point is to plan it wisely: over-eccentric and bold introduction may ruin the whole work. Think carefully how to stand out to the reader.

  • You may start with a rhetorical question. As long as you have the target points of the main body right in front of you, it’s not that hard to think of the debate that could proceed from your story. There’s no need to include the debate but it may get you think of a good question to start the intro.
  • A shocking statement or statistic data can also hook the reader. However, make sure the data are relevant and accurate.
  • A small joke. Start a story with a funny fact or a joke. Though make sure it is somehow connected to the rest of the essay. It probably goes without saying, that vulgar and black humor is inappropriate.
  • You can come out with your own “trick”. Think carefully of your background, life experience, define what makes you special among others and refer the introduction to it.
  • The last but not the least, identify the point you want to make with your beginning story. Rethink for a couple of times, what your personal features it will reveal to the reader.

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One more important thing is the word count. If the essay word limit is up to 1000, keep the introduction short and appealing. Make sure you stick to the indicated college essay format or MLA format in the admission rules.  If you still have some troubles, get some inspiration through checking a few of college essay examples.

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