Writing an Appropriate Essay Conclusion is Important to Get Success

How to write a good essay conclusion?

A conclusion plays an important role in the structure of an essay. It shows once again the main idea of an assignment, strengthens the arguments supporting them with the evidence. Still, your conclusion shouldn`t be just a copy of an introduction or a simply repeated summary of the arguments, as this reduces the influence of your ideas. The conclusion gives you an opportunity to show your thesis statement in the new light as the readers now know all necessary information.

What should the conclusion include?

It totally depends on the discipline what exactly your conclusion should contain, there may be evidence etc. It also depends on the topic of your essay, still, you should take into consideration the following information:

  • You should make a conclusion by linking the last paragraph with the first one, using some similar words to make it visible for readers;
  • Try to use simple words to let all readers get what you mean;
  • Create a conclusion using similar or parallel sentences to create the feeling of balance and a completed summary.

Useful tips on essay conclusion writing

Check out some useful advice, which will certainly help you succeed with an appropriate conclusion:

  • Conclude an assignment using the quotation or reference to some reliable sources, which can support the main idea of your essay. If you are writing an essay on the basis of some poem or novel, then you can use a quotation from there. This will make your opinion more specific and show that you have really worked with the text. Moreover, it will be easier for your professor to follow the path of your thoughts. However, be attentive and careful with the quotation usage, make sure you have understood it in the right way.
  • You can conclude an essay by setting a discussion into a larger context, which is different to the one you have described. For instance, if you write about the nineteenth century, then compare this information to modern world.
  • You can redefine one of your arguments in the conclusion.
  • You can end your essay mentioning the influence of your arguments. What do your arguments involve and mean in general?

Remember that ideas and arguments of your conclusion should match the ones of the introduction. Sometimes during the process of writing, you may find out that your thoughts have developed and changed a bit, so the arguments do not fit the introduction. In this case, you should get back to the introduction and rewrite it. You shouldn’t introduce new ideas in your conclusion, you are to do this in the main body. If your essay is an encouraging one, then use a call to action in your conclusion, which will make people act and strive for changes. But use this only where necessary, in the appropriate kind of an essay.

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