How to Write a Top-Quality Newspaper Article. Tips and Solutions

A newspaper article is different from other kinds of informative writing, all because it presents information in a bit different way. In newspaper articles, it is important to give only relevant and updated information. Also, all the information must be presented with limited words so that an article is not too long. A newspaper article must tell about the facts only and transfer them to the target audience directly.

That is why, before you start writing, it’s good to make a plan for your future article – all because of a news article format.

First, make a research on your topic. Find out what happened, who was involved in the event, when it happened and where it took place. If possible, figure out what was the reason and how everything happened in details.

Think of the audience. Who will read your article? Where do these people live? What age group are they from? Are they locals or not? It will help you to send the informational flow in the right direction.

After you do this, divide all the facts into three sections: facts that you will add to the article, facts that are important but not crucial, and all the related facts that are not actually important. Like that, you will be sure not to miss any essential detail and will be able to build a well-structured and logical text. And don’t forget to decide what kind of article you are going to write. Is it going to be an opinion article or just fair and straightforward information?

The next thing you need to remember is to make an outline of your article before you start actually writing. Why so? Because then you can clearly see the future structure of the whole text and correct it if necessary.

What else to remember? Make sure that your readers will not have to go to the end of the article to get the main idea! The clue of the article must lay on the surface. Also, if you are writing online, avoid writing below the virtual fold – all the necessary information must be placed at the top of the page. You can go on the internet and check any virtual sample of news articles to make sure of that.

How to Write a Newspaper Article. A Precise Instruction to Follow

The writing process itself also has several specific features that are good to know about in advance in order not to make mistakes.

  1. The lead goes first

When you start writing a news article, always begin with the lead. It must be a strong and catchy sentence that will attract the readers’ attention at once and make them want to keep reading. Remember that the lead must be one sentence only and provide the topic of the whole article. Your audience shall know what the following text is about.

  1. Give them details

People want to know what’s the most important. Give it to them! Give all the facts and details relevant to the lead sentence: tell the readers briefly of what happened and where, who were the participants and why it is so important.

  1. Give some more data

Now as you have caught up their attention, it is time to give more details about the event. It will not only provide additional information that the readers are waiting for, but it also will make them involved emotionally.

  1. Make a conclusion

End your article in an interesting way! Give the readers some facts to think about afterward, potential solutions to the issue described in the article, and so on. Don’t just leave them alone.

And of course, after your masterpiece is ready, it is the right time for proofreading. A good article is an article with no mistakes and flaws. That is why you have to check all the facts in your article like names, dates, contact information, etc.

Read the article once again to make sure that you followed the chosen style.

Check your citations if any, and ensure that they are cited correctly.

Finally, it would be good to send your article to your editor to read it. He or she may find the mistakes that you have missed.

These are only a few tips about how to write a news article, but following them will help you to improve your skills in journalism and make your writing even better.

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