How to Write Informative Essay Step by Step

During your academic path, you will be asked to produce an informative essay not once. There are students who consider all essays as informative ones, as every essay covers some topic, and informs about something. On the one side, it is true; however, this kind of paper has its specific features and requirements. Its aim is to give the reader information that informs and educates its audience about a particular event, person, or idea. Further, we will share some pieces of advice on how to produce a good paper.

Requirements for informative essays

To successfully manage such a writing task, a student should have original ideas, profound writing and analytical skills.

In general, the requirements for informative essays are simple and clear:

  • Eye-catching introduction
  • Informative body part
  • Smart and comprehensive conclusion

Choosing a topic

One of the key points to come up with a successful paper is brainstorming on a topic. It is vital be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the selected topic and know how to describe key points in detail. Your aim is informing and educating the reader. Pick up the issue that can be easily described. You may present an idea or concept you have a passion to and share it with the readers, just ensure your writing provides some new or educational information. Even your personal standpoint on some issue can become a great topic.

Some college students, who have no idea on how to write an informative essay, tend to choose complicated topics for their papers. However, by choosing a difficult topic, you are more likely to get low results. Therefore, it will be much better for you to select an easy but exciting and provocative topic that interests different readers than a complicated one. Chances are big to find a great topic in everyday life. People like reading about things that they care about and are able to change or improve.

However, you must be sure that you have sufficient knowledge and skills to explain and analyze a particular subject. Therefore, it may be useful to share your chosen topic with the teachers and ask their opinion about it.

Here are some ideas you can use for composing a brilliant essay writing:

  • Domestic violence
  • World poverty
  • Racism and sexism
  • Feminism
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Plastic surgery
  • Caffeine addiction
  • How smoking affects your health
  • Computer addiction
  • Illegal immigration
  • Mass-media impact
  • Ecological problems
  • Basic economic principles

Before making the final choice, conduct research to find out which issue can be the most relevant, interesting for the reader, and has enough credible and reliable information.

Informative essay structure

It is vital to organize the paper in the right way as proper structure helps keep the readers’ attention and makes the paper more comfortable to read and understand.

An informative essay outline represents its structure. An outline provides a brief but exact explanation of the essay, research, and materials used. A summary of an essay defines the major parts of the text, key arguments, main evidence, and concepts. It is essential to create an outline beforehand.

When drafting the piece of writing, jot down the questions you should answer in the paper, and some points based on personal experience. Include some personal examples to show that you are familiarized with what you are writing about.

Your outline may look like the following example:

  • Introduction with basic information, and catchy thesis.
  • Body paragraphs, each with the topic statement, describing important idea or concept, supported by detailed evidence, and vivid examples.
  • Conclusion with a brief summary, that provides a feeling of completeness.

Writing the paper

Start with an introduction. It usually takes one or two pages to explain key concepts, ideas, brief definitions of core theories, your main beliefs. In this part, it is recommended to include various quotes, controversial questions, or witty phrase to provoke and keep the readers’ interest.

As to the body part, it has to include major statements, core concepts, important facts, exclusive information, or appealing speeches. Information that is provided in this part has to inform and teach your reader. You can also write about your personal viewpoints, but they should be just additional information to the main evidence.

End up your essay by summing up the key points described in the body of your paper. You can also refer to your thesis and restate it here. Do not mention anything new in the concluding paragraph. You should strive to bring the feeling of completeness to your essay while maintaining the readers’ attention.

Reading examples

To come up with the best paper possible, consider reading a lot of informative essay examples. Surf the internet to find a variety of samples written on different topics to learn better how this type of essay should look like. There are tons of free examples available online, and you can get inspired by some of them.

With the help of our guide, and after reading some examples, you will no more find it too complicated to produce an informative essay on some exciting topic.


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