Top 9 Most Useful Online Tools for Students

Teachers all over the world are constantly bothering about the education system, namely the implementation of new schedules, subjects or teaching methods. The use of the latest technologies, gadgets, and applications in universities and schools is gradually acquiring an increasingly mass character. Teachers get new valuable assistants to encourage students to learn and explore. And indeed, all those technological innovations and resources make a great impression on students, they enjoy using them in their learning and save a lot of time.

Online learning tools are beneficial due to their accessibility, ease and convenience in use. Both students and educators will find advantageous to use these online writing, editing and proofreading resources to expand their knowledge and improve memory. In this article, we’d like to describe you the top 10 most helpful online applications to boost your grades.

These Online Tools Will Make You Genius!

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is a perfect online app for those who work with content but it’s also very useful for every student. If you need someone to proofread your paper or an extract, Grammarly is just what will help you in this situation. This application checks grammar and punctuation and gives advice on the lexical component of the text.

  • Study Guide Zone

Study Guide Zone is one of the most beneficial online educative tools. Despite its old website interface, Study Guide Zone has a huge database of teaching materials for every taste. There you can understand a certain subject, prepare for exams (such as TOEFL, ACT, SAT, etc.), or use it for any other important purposes.

  • Compass Learning

Compass Learning is specially designed for tutors to gain useful teaching experience and find new education methods. Furthermore, teachers who use Compass Learning are far more able to meet the needs of every student and create an inspirational and friendly atmosphere in the classroom.

  • Coursera

This online application contains recent information about the best study courses offered by prestigious institutions. Students use Coursera to come up with the ideal academic course in any field: social sciences, computer science, humanities, engineering, business, and more others.

  • Alison

If you want to have access to the most useful and informative learning materials, Alison is worth trying. This website contains a lot of useful and practical information in any branch of knowledge so that it can be interesting to teachers as well.


The main advantage of using is that you will not leave this website without anything. The site is an archive of useful instructions and tutorials that help you learn information or get college paper writing assistance. To make the search easier, the registered users provide their feedback and rank the most useful and high-quality instructions.

  • Course Buffet

Course Buffet was designed to serve as a guide for students who need educative materials on a specific discipline and are constantly looking for reliable sources.

  • E-Learning Center

E-Learning Center is a worthwhile learning guide for those, studying web development and information technology. Although this website includes preferably paid materials, you can also develop knowledge using free online resources.

  • Getting Smart

The last app we’d like to introduce is Getting Smart. This online tool will help facilitate and improve your learning process, choose the right routine for you and develop some learning skills.

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