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10 Most Photogenic Universities in the World

Do you think that the appearance of the university is a significant part of its image? Can you agree that when choosing a suitable university one should also take into account its architecture? If so, then you belong to the majority and you are exactly right. For many centuries, universities were built in certain periods of culture, when the society had its own tastes. Now the story continues but on a grander scale: ancient universities are being replaced by newer and more modern buildings to attract a lot of students. Some prefer vintage style and Gothic, while others would like to study as if on a spaceship. Everyone has their own taste, but still, there are at least 10 best and most wonderful universities in the world. We managed to create the top most photogenic universities in different countries so you may check them out.

You Will Fall In Love With These Universitie

A great university should attract with both appearance and educational programs. These universities combine these significant options and can certainly inspire for studying.

1. University of Oxford

The oldest and most well-known educational institution in this list is the University of Oxford, located in the UK. Its gothic style and magnificent green surroundings fascinate at the first sight. According to the latest rankings (2016), Oxford University is the most beautiful university in the UK.

2. University of Minnesota

As the opposite to the previous institution, the University of Minnesota takes the second position in our list thanks to its original space design. Built two decades ago and designed by Frank Gehry, this university still fascinates with a unique atmosphere on the outside and highly-developed education system on the inside.

3. Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University can be called not only the youngest university but also one of the most magnificent buildings in the world. This university is also famous for its efficient academic courses in cutting-edge technology, engineering and research.

4. Taroudant University

This particular university has the most picturesque view among all the others in our list. Taroudant University is located near Atlas mountains in the middle of the southern desert with a detailed design saving from the hot Moroccan sun and combining traditional and modern styles.

5. University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca is located in one of the oldest cities in Europe – Salamanca, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from its stunning appearance, the University of Salamanca can boast its notable alumni, for instance, Miguel de Cervantes, or Alexander Payne.

6. University of Cape Town

Located next to Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula, the University of Cape Town cannot but charm every new student. Also, this university provides one of the most effective study programs in South Africa, so it’s definitely a benefit to study there.

7. University of Southern Denmark

The university of Southern Denmark has so beautiful and elaborate design, that it can be considered as the face of the whole Scandinavia. Besides, it is surrounded by a charming town of Odense which is worth a visit.

8. Peking University

Peking University includes every little feature a perfect university can have. Its architecture attracts with its elegance and majestic history because it is located in the former imperial gardens of the Qing dynasty. Also, it’s becoming more popular among students due to its incredible educational system, campus facilities and well-known graduates.

9. University of Tasmania

For those who feel themselves as children of nature and are always ready for new adventures, the University of Tasmania is a great choice. This institution unites you with the wonderful natural world thanks to its excellent location on the island, as well as a number of outdoor activities, for example, kayaking, mountain climbing, surfing, and more others.

10. Pepperdine University

With a touch of self-irony, we can say that after you see and graduate from this university, you can go and get to the afterlife. Well, Pepperdine University is situated in the majestic mountains, in a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean and only an hour drive from Los Angeles.

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