How to Tackle with Act Essay Writing

Act Essay Prompts: Ways to Write a Perfect Paper

If you are thinking about whether it is a good idea to complete your act essay or not, it will be better for you to do it. Taking an act essay is optional, however, it is a great go and experience for any student.

So, if you choose to write this paper, don’t stress in advance. Some students find it very difficult to complete their act essays correctly while this essay writing requires following the set format. In this case, you can easily prepare for it and practice as much as you want.
For completing a winning paper learn all useful writing tips given below.

While writing your act essay, your main job is to provide the readers with your own and unique perspective on the given topic. Your thought and opinion should be interesting, which arouses new debates and discussion. If you manage to do so, you are already noticed among other scorers.

  1. Work with the Prompt Carefully
    You should read and realize what is written in the prompt and what the task requires from you. Think why this issue is still in the discussion and what are the ways to make this deal done.
  2. Work on Your Perspectives
    Generally, there are three perspectives you should work on: one is for, one is against, and the last one is in the middle of two previous ones. The thing you should do is to clearly figure out where each perspective should be discussed and identify at least one disadvantage of each opinion. This step requires from you to answer two following questions: What each of the thoughts considers? What each of the thoughts ignores?
  3. Make Up Your Own Perspectives
    Step 3 requires from you coming up with your own thoughts and ideas that can easily burn readers curiosity. You should work with the three given perspectives but it will not bring you the highest result. Besides simple restating, you should build up your point of view, unique and interesting one.
  4. Put It All in One Complete Essay
    It is very important to have all your ideas in the correct order. Structure of the act essay should also be taken into account. So, there should be 4 paragraphs in ideal.
  • The first one is Introduction, where you should show your strong position in the relation to the given topic. You should start your essay with the topic sentence, which aims to restate the main issue.
  • Then the Body Paragraph goes. You have to start this part of the essay with the transition sentence, which discusses the opposite side of your argument given before. Here you should discuss given perspectives taking into account all disadvantages. A great idea would also be to give an example that supports the opposing perspective. Your explanation about the disagreement with the opposite perspective should also be included.
  • The next body paragraph:  you should start it with the transition sentence as well, which discusses your own position on the central issue already. Here you should explain your positions including the given perspectives. You should provide readers with the clear examples that support your point of view. It would be great to end your paper with your opinion restatement.
  • The next paragraph is Conclusion. Here you should recap the whole discussion and restate all arguments alongside with thoughts. The last thing to do is to provide with a final look and thought on the given topic.
  1. The last but not the least thing to do is to check and proofread your essay carefully. Spend some time to do it and assure yourself you have done everything properly. Check some grammar and spelling mistakes which can influence the grade and neatly erase it or correct. These corrections will not affect your mark.

The most important thing while writing your act essay is to pull yourself together and be very attentive. Try to remember all these tips while writing and succeed with your paper easily!

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