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6 Worth Trying Internet Jobs that Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

Perhaps, you do not know or do not remember how the labor market was before the advent of the Internet. There were many interesting and profitable professions, but there was also a shortage of jobs as well as of qualified personnel. Over time, society became more informative allowing digital technologies to fill every sphere of human activity gradually. The advent of the Internet meant a huge range of new opportunities, especially for work. A lot of people understood the benefits of working online, and it became much easier for entrepreneurs and large companies to manage their businesses. In this article, we want to consider six Internet jobs that appeared quite recently, 5 years ago, which are worth trying and valuable in modern 2017.

1. Community manager

The first and probably the most interesting job we like to present you is a profession of a community manager. The main duty of all community managers is to run online discussions on specific topics, and direct Internet users to create register accounts on the site. Recently, 92% of marketers have claimed that social media is of great importance to their business, as proven by Social Media Examiner.

The average salary of a community manager varies from 29 to 45 thousand dollars in Europe, the UK, and the United States.

2. Content manager

Another profitable profession that didn’t exist five years ago is a content manager. The marketers say that content is the most important part of any brand or business, so plenty of entrepreneurs seek hardworking and reliable content managers. A content manager is a person who follows the promotion of the company on the Internet and is aimed at increasing visitors and customers by creating high-quality content with information about products and services of the brand.

According to Glassdoor, content managers of today earn from $36,100 to $52,400, and more, depending on the country or region.

3. Social media manager

As well as the content manager, social media managers are promoting the website of their organization on the Internet, but with a special emphasis on social networks. Now, social media managers work with such well-known social media channels as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The average salary of a social media manager is from € 18,000 in Italy, to € 31,015 in Germany, and depends greatly on experience and country, according to PayScale.

4. User experience manager

This is the most paid profession among all presented. Together with the content manager, user experience manager creates namely the company’s image in the foreign market. User experience (or UX) is the state of a user who browses the organization’s website, namely experienced feelings and emotions. If the website is sufficiently well-made, easy-to-use and informs in detail about the company, this means the user experience manager does his job properly.

As stated before, user experience managers earn the greatest amount of money among the rest – the average salary in the US is $58,000.

5. Data analyst

People working with data in a modern world are valued very highly. For example, the White House has invested million dollars in big data projects, from health care to the environment protection. The operations with digital data will become the main source of income for any data analyst very soon. Data analysts collect data about sales, user behavior, and site traffic, and analyze the results using statistics.

The average salary of a data analyst is from US$47,400 in Germany to $89,300 in Switzerland.

6. Virtual reality consultant                                             

The last Internet job we’d like to describe is a profession of a virtual reality consultant. Well, the virtual reality is not a highly-developed market, but it has great prospects for the future. If you work as a virtual reality consultant, you deal with planning virtual reality projects for videogames or tours, and advise clients in your field on interesting ideas or tools.

In February 2016, the average salary were around $38,700 in the UK, according to Alphr.

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