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7 Most Important Languages to Learn By 2020

Why do people learn foreign languages? Well, firstly, they want to travel around the world and have no barriers communicating with new people. Secondly, the knowledge of a particular language helps them in their studies, at work or else will play a significant role for their future career. And thirdly, it expands consciousness and has a certain value for the human brain. All this encourages to study vocabulary and grammar of a new language, no matter how difficult it is.

In our globalizing world, language fluency is extremely useful and beneficial for every person. Now there are a few most popular languages, which many of us have already learned or are eager to learn in the near future. Moreover, we believe that these particular languages ​​will be incredibly useful by 2020. Let’s look at the most important languages ​​that everyone should learn by 2020.

Top 7 Languages for English Speakers to Learn

The factors, which helped us to determine the most necessary languages of the modern world, are the number of current speakers, the growth of native speakers, economic potential of the countries, political and cultural development, etc.

1. Mandarin

According to the latest data, more than a billion people all over the planet have already speak Mandarin. This language is known for its complexity and unusualness, but nevertheless, more and more employers prefer hiring people who can speak Mandarin. A lot of multinational companies looking for hardworking and creative people often pay attention to this language. China might soon become a huge economic leader so the advantages of learning Mandarin are obvious. Thanks to this language, you will find influential associations or build relationships for personal purpose with more than a million people.

2. German

Lots of people have already understood the benefits of learning the German language. Germany now has the most high-quality economic component and leads the ranking of the most economically developed countries, not only in Europe but also in the world. Proficiency in German opens the doors to plenty of valuable opportunities, so it’s certainly worth to start learning now.

3. Spanish

Becoming fluent in Spanish is especially beneficial for those living in the United States. The trick here is in the neighborhood of the United States with Latin America, where many people speak Spanish. However, it’s not only about the location, but also the number of potential speakers, different entertainments, and career opportunities. According to the recent news, more than 400 million people speak Spanish, and this number will increase greatly by 2020.

4. Portuguese

Despite the fact, that Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the modern world, it has a lower importance compared to Spanish. People speak Portuguese not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, the country with a high economic growth and other 10 countries in South America and Africa.

5. Arabic

Arabic is the most complicated language to learn for an English speaker in this list. But the benefit of learning this language cannot be underestimated. For instance, around 300 million of people from 57 countries now speak Arabic and their number is constantly growing. This is because Arabic countries have reached a great economic development, with $600 billion in GDP.

6. Hindi

This is definitely not the most important, and even not the most interesting or promising language. It is because only people who live or work in India speak Hindi. If you do not have a reason to come to India, then you should know that more than 500 million people speak this language, and the number of employers offering highly paid jobs grows every day.

7. Russian

Just like Hindi, Russian is not very popular in the community right now. Although, Russia has a huge impact on the situation in the world, especially in political and economic terms. And besides, now you can often meet Russian-speaking people in many countries.

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