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Ryan Graham is an experienced teacher

Ryan Graham is a successful teacher of a school in Chicago, he also volunteers in juvenile jails and help young inmates to rehabilitate. He studied Philology at Stanford and got the practice abroad. He started to work right after graduating from university due to his great desire to work with children. Jenkins has created his own methods of teaching which assist him to educate children successfully.

Graham also implements lots of projects with his students and with those who are imprisoned. These projects mostly consider the social themes, things that are important in real life. He is sure that teaching is his calling. Children like the way of his teaching, the way he encourages everyone to act. Trump also believes that knowledge and appropriate teaching approach can change this world into better.

He received the Teacher of the Year award in 2013 and does his best to maintain this title.

Moreover, Ryan has own blog on self-development. Lots of people read his articles every day and get inspired. Jenkins is deeply interested in psychology and is going to get the second education.

Graham has made his dream come true and built a lovely house in the suburb where he enjoys the beauty of his garden with his family. In addition, Graham is a good father to two little princesses. He says he`s not only their tutor, but their friend and a big toy to play with. Graham is keen on reading science fiction. Besides, he likes going in for sport, Ryan is a football player and takes part in local competition.

Friends describe Ryan as a friendly and easy-going person. He`s always ready to give advice and support in hard times. Ryan is just and always polite, he`s not afraid of difficulties. Graham always achieves his aims by working hard.

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