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The Whole Truth about Essay Typer

Writing essays is a long and complex process, and not everyone has enough patience to cope with it. Besides, students of all ages are a little bit lazy and want have fun, but in this case what to do with the essay, especially if parents are constantly behind your back. This is a fairly common situation when the students pretend to work and do some research, but in fact they surf the Internet and do their own business. Doesn’t that remind you of something?

Essay Typer is a free website that gives an opportunity to create an essay, or better to say a text, almost on any subject. The interface and the way the site runs are pretty simple, you point the topic you need and press the pencil button, after that the Word style webpage with the prewritten title “Innovative or Simply Post-Modern?” appears.  There you can type your essay, or it’s better to say to “play” the keyboard.  It doesn’t matter what keys you press, you can bang on the various keys randomly, and the text of your essay will appear on the screen. Such a process may look funny, but there is one crucial point – are papers generated by the website good enough to be presented by the students as their own? And what about other websites similar to Essay Typer that offer writing services for a fee.

Let’s not hurry and consider these issues gradually. To see how this system works with my own eyes I used “Disney”, and in a few seconds I typed with crazy speed on keys. After I had played with the keyboard, I decided to have a look at the content and what I saw. Frankly speaking, it would seem pretty well, if there were no traps – practically the whole text was taken from the Walt Disney Company’s article on Wikipedia, and this fact has a negative effect and is not very pleasant.  Hence, the text can’t be called the original one, and even if someone tries to pass it as his/her own, any teacher or lecturer will easily find plagiarism. Despite the fact, that Essay Typer is completely free and may come in handy to fool parents; the website is not the best option if you need an original paper for your classes. Even the founder of the website admits that there is no magic, it’s nothing more than plagiarism.

In our days there is a huge number of websites with real writers who create papers on request of the students. In the educational community this issue is a controversial one, as in the case when the students pay for their essays, it can’t technically be called plagiarism. Another question is that the students are cheating, because they aren’t being involved in the writing process, but still claiming a credit. Ultimately, however, the students actively use Essay Typer and other online writing services and will continue to do so in the future.

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