How to Conclude an Essay Effectively and Efficiently

Tips for Everyone How to Conclude an Essay

It’s well known thing that both introduction and conclusion are two parts that attracts the biggest part of readers’ attention. This fact confirms one again what big role the conclusion plays in the structure of any writings. Despite being included in the essay we may consider the conclusion as an integral element of letters, reports, research papers and reviews. The conclusion is the last opportunity to show your standpoint and persuade the audience that this is a true point of view.

Having read the end of your essay readers should be impressed and have a feeling that the text is completed, but the perspectives of the topic aren’t exhausted. There are several ways to establish   the sense of closure and stop the discussion:

  • The sentences with compound or parallel structure are pretty good to finish. After that readers will a sense of balance.
  • You can also repeat the word or phrase used in the beginning; it will create a connection between the first and last paragraphs.
  • Compose the last sentence by means of simple language and one-syllable words in that way you will create an understated drama effect.

If you aim to finish the discussion, it’s possible to use one of these techniques:

  • Consider your discussion in the broader context; for example, assume how this or that thing of the past might look like in our days or vice versa.
  • A great idea is to apply a quotation or references to used sources. In this case you will be able to emphasize the main idea and present it in another perspective. Writing about some specific literary work you can quote the original source or author’s statement.
  • Reconsider one of your key terms using another approach. In particular, writing on economy you may argue that wage increase can’t be considered as the factor of improvement of the economic environment economy, although representatives of the authorities like to talk about it. If it takes place simultaneously with rising prices and inflation, there are all reasons to talk about the instability of the economy.

If we have talked about how to conclude an essay, it’s high time to talk about methods you should avoid while writing the end of the paper.

  • Forget about “blind” summarizing. You may use a sort summary of your essay, when it is really necessary, and the text is pretty long. There is no need to restate main ideas if the paper covers 2-4 pages.
  • Don’t start your conclusion with the following phrases – “to sum up”, “in conclusion”, “in summary” and so on. They are acceptable in oral presentation. Avoid them or look for some equivalents.
  • You should not apologize for having covered only a certain part of the subject. Especially, this point touches some broad topics and the situations when the author researched some issue very detailed at the stage of preparation. Do not hesitate to the quality of your work, it is possible that different approaches can be applied to the topic, but it doesn’t mean you did something wrong.

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