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The Case Converter is a convenient web application, which allows any user to easily change any letters in text to uppercase and lowercase. One just has to paste the text that is needed to be converted into the text area. Afterwards, click on one of the buttons and let the tool do the work for you.

Office workers as well as people of other professions, who often have to work with the text, regularly face the need to change the register of the already typed text. In all such situations, reprinting the text again is not the best way to solve the problem. Accidentally clicked Caps Lock and typed text is no longer a problem! Case Converter can change the cases for any document or academic paper.

Change Case for Any Document with Caps Converter

This app can also be used as an online uppercase to lowercase converter described on this page is a useful tool that you can use to change case and edit texts. With the help of this sentence case converter, converting text characters to lowercase is almost instantaneous. The text formatting is retained during this operation. Numbers and punctuation marks are not case-sensitive, so when they are converted to lower case they do not change. Thus, one can make lowercase letters within the text easily. Note that in some languages, individual letters have significant differences in representation in upper and lower case and look like separate letters that are not related to each other.

Title Case Converter and Caps Converter

Case Converter converts any letters of your text into the upper case, lower case, and title case, where each word starts with the capital letter. The change of any cases is now possible in just one click.

Thus, a simple and convenient case converter is useful for teachers. This online service will help you easily and quickly get the correct text cases. It does not matter if it is in CAPITAL, lowercase letters, or In Which Every Word Begins With the Capital Letter. So, all caps converter as well as lowercase converter will be useful to make a text look more correct.

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