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Academic Writing Success Without Stress!

Is it possible?

Of course, if you're a centipede with an equal number of constantly thinking heads and you're lacking the nervous system at the same time!

Jokes aside, if you trust to do all this work to anyone proficient, then you can definitely succeed.

We were students ourselves once. We still are students in some sense, because we are writing for you! Remember: we know perfectly well how many different writing home assignments you are required to accomplish in a very short term.

What is academic writing?

It's any type of written paper that's written on the topic – revealing, analysing, arguing, thinking and outlining in the written form. We know that sometimes tutors can assign you several similar tasks at once, which is more difficult.

No matter what kind of assignment you have – to write an essay, article review, term paper or any kind of report – your main purpose is to give your reader an informed argument.

Academic papers are tasks of great importance in any scholarship. Why? The reason is simple and obvious. As a student, you have to be very skilled in thinking, analysing, and writing. All these may be introduced in essays. Besides, the short form of papers challenge even more.

So the tutors do not want to steal all your spare time, they want you to become more skilled, proficient and educated. Namely, to be able to:

  • gather all the necessary information in a short space of time;
  • analyse it and figure out what's the most relevant part;
  • write it out in a short form in your academic paper.

But that's not always working. In most cases students don't know what to do with all that stuff and do little or nothing at all.

The best way out in such situations is to ask for help.

1WS is your fastest academic writing help!

Only scholars from the past may understand today's scholars. Thus, while you're busy with your other tasks, we'll take care of your papers according to your requirements. They may take from 3 hours to two weeks according to the type of the task as well as its complexity.

We do know what it's like to be a student in every sense – from tight deadlines, sleepless nights and money making. So that's why you're encouraged to get your discount. See your options in the Prices section.

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Want to place an order via the phone?
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